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How to Use Markup

How to Use Markup

We use Markup to let our clients review our work and leave feedback.

Do I Need An Account?

You can use Markup as a Guest Account or you can create a free account to receive notifications when comments are left on a project. To use Markup as a Guest just enter your first name and click Continue as Guest if you would like to create an account enter your name and email.

Sign Up Popup Example

How To Use Markup

Markup is a powerful tool that is incredibly easy to use. When a project is ready for review you will be sent a review link. Open this link in your browser to get started using Markup.

Example of what a Markup project looks like

When you first open your project you will be in comment mode. This mode allows you to leave comments anywhere on the project. If you need to navigate your project (example view different pages of a website) you will need to change modes. In the bottom centre you can toggle modes between Comment and Browse.

How to toggle modes between Comment and Browse

Browse allows you to navigate and interact with the project

Comment allows you to scroll through the project and leave notes on any part of the project. To leave a comment just click anywhere on the project.

Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Views

Some projects like a website need to look good on all screens. You can easily change the screen size by navigating to the bottom left corner and clicking the view icon. Comments you leave stay in the view you left them. An example is if you leave a comment on the mobile view you will not see it in the desktop view.

How to change your view from Desktop, Tablet or Mobile

What does a Comment Look Like

You can view comments in two sections of Markup, directly on the project as a blue circle or on the left hand side of the screen. If you click on a comment it will auto navigate to where that comment was placed.

Comments on the left hand side
A Comment on the project