Your Website Is Scaring Away Customers | Week 1

Trying to find out why your website isn't converting leads? Your website design is scaring away your customers and sending them right to your competitors.

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Jesse Paterson
October 12, 2022
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57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile

It's easy to tell if a customer leaves your place of business, but how many potential customers are you losing because they left your website and why are they leaving?

First impressions are huge! Everyone knows how important a first impression is at a job interview, or when you walk into a place of business. What kind of first impression is your website leaving? When you look at your website are you proud? Does your website represent how your business's workplace feels? Or are you scaring your customers away before they even give you a chance?

You might only get one chance before a competitor swoops in! When potential customers are in your store front you have the chance to talk with them, explain your business and show them around, it takes an effort to leave a store. But online a potential customer just has to click on the next link in their search results. Is your website capturing potential customers or are you leaving a poor first impression and scaring them away?

75% of consumers say they’ll form an opinion about a company and its credibility.  Based only on its website.

Your business's credibility is so important, yet we spend so much time focused on how our business appears in person but forget that people visit your business online as well. Your credibility could be damaged just because of your business's online experience, maybe its time to update that old website.

How to stop scaring your customers away with poor website design

Responsive Web Design

Your website isn’t just viewed on a computer! Over 60% of users will view your website on a mobile device. It is critical that your website operates the same or even better than your computer version. Plus not everyone's phones are the same size! Your website needs to be responsive and adjust to all different screen types. Don’t scare your customers away by having a non-responsive website.

Try This

Load your website on Desktop and Mobile. Look at the differences. Is there content that is cut off? Do images shrink to be barely readable? Is their entire chunks of content missing? This means your website is not responsive!

Quick Tip

Don't have text inside an image! It may look great on a desktop but when someone tries to view it on a mobile device the text becomes too tiny to read. Instead, use a background image and add the text on top with HTML. This will allow your text to be readable on a computer and mobile device!

Clear Next Step (Call to Action - CTA)

Don’t lose a customer because they couldn't find out how to contact you. Make it CLEAR and OBVIOUS to your customers what their next step should be. Should they give you a call? Send you an email? Can they book a meeting with you directly online? Every business functions differently, don’t make your customers guess or go on a scavenger hunt to find your contact details.

Try This

Go to your homepage on your website. Does it have a plain and clear next step for a website visitor to take? Maybe you want them to Book a Table at your restaurant, or Book an Appointment with you. What is your next step for your potential customer?

Quick Tip

Include a button in your navigation that has the next step for your customer. This is a location that website visitors will already be looking at.

Clean Simple Design

Have you ever loaded a website and felt overwhelmed by the content and design? Too many times we assume people visiting our website already know what they are looking for. But it is the exact opposite, a good website helps guide a website visitor to the next steps. Have you been making this mistake? Sometimes it is so easy to want to go into huge detail on your website, but this can be a huge mistake. The best websites remove all content that isn't essential to their business. Focus on what the goal of your website is, and from there create content that will help fulfill that goal.

Is your website needing a refresh? Have you been putting off fixing your website? Now is the time to act! We offer Lethbridge Website Design, Development and Lethbridge Search Engine Optimization. We also help businesses across Canada grow their online presence. Contact Us to chat about how we can help your business's website!

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