Our Family

Crystal, Jesse, Malachi, Judah, Ezra

Family Picture of the Paterson's

Hi There!

We are Jesse and Crystal. We have 3 boys, Ezra, waiting for us in heaven, Malachi and Judah here with us.

We are a family run business. We are all about creating a happy, sacred place that is safe for anyone who enters. We truly believe treating people with love, kindness and respect is the only way to do things and we hope to teach our boys that in everything they do. Including business.

We are passionate about working honestly and building relationships with our clients. Working together with you and others like us in our industry to bring you exactly what you dream of for your business.

Picture of the Paterson's two kids

We Love Small Businesses

Affordable For Small Businesses

We work with your business to come up with solutions that meet your budget.

Partnering with Freelancers

We partner with other freelancers in our area to offer small businesses all in one solutions.